My vision for the Mothership

So now that I am at the helm of the Mothership, I would like to lay out some plans for my vision. Since the conception and original idea with LoveBomb, I have always wanted to have a space where artists pay for the overhead with their studio rent, and allowed for other larger things to happen. The space had to be large to accommodate the artists studios, and have additional space for the common/community areas. The space also needed to be really low cost because, even artists with work in the marketplace have feast and famine.

The artists not only contribute to the rent (which is minimal), but teach classes, plant gardens, and create a community where creativity and activism can be a small revolution. Fighting gentrification through being a support to the encompassing neighborhood, outskirting Capitalism with trading and volunteerism, and creating a resource for artists and children.

The Mothership is a place for anyone who needs it, and I will keep the vision open to change. Meanwhile I am working as hard as I can to create this space as an experiment, as an art project, and as a “place of worship” where creativity, alternative ideas, and personal connections are the focus.

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