Aaaaaaand springtime!

It was a super hard winter, It was hard on everyone I have spoken to. I am so grateful to all of the friends that have propped me up during a really hard transition to The Temple of the Cosmic Mothership. To answer some of your questions publicly…

Yes we became a church, I am now a minister, and we will be having regular “meetings” at regular times once we have a proper Certificate of Occupancy.

No this Mothership is not religious, nor is it non-religious, it just is what is meant to be and it grows and shrinks as people help and hinder it.

We need help from the community.. The calendar days and times are posed on this site for volunteer work. Anything you do is appreciated and some of our needs are as follows.

-Helping to make an ADA compliant bathroom
-Helping with planting and weeding in the garden.
-Planning and promoting community events.

Our email has changed to

Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

Rev Heide Trepanier

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