Looking for new artists to share space.


We are looking for a 4th artist to share space at LoveBomb. The rent is super affordable and the benefits include us of woodworking/powertools. Use of the stages inside and out, free special events which may include everything from craft fairs to birthday parties, and a community kitchen. This artist can be any type from theater/drama troupes to blacksmiths.

We are looking for someone who believes in the power of community and is willing to spend a little time with work sharing. This can be in the form of sweeping, gardening and making lunch to basic building maintenance.

Please contact Heide at heidetrep@gmail.com for more details.


One comment on “Looking for new artists to share space.

  1. Hi Heidi-

    I’m looking for studio space and wondering if you still have space? I’ve been working as a writer and architect and hoping to find a place where I can work on art for a change.

    Paulette Roberts-Pullen

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