LoveBomb updates

The City of Richmond is following up on a complaint that was filed “several years ago”. The initial compliance officer that called, asked us to remove all commercial vehicles off of the property. Since we did not have any commercial vehicles on the property, this gave them clearance to check up on us. Their tune changed when they “caught us” with a recreational vehicle on the property. They then forced us to remove that vehicle and have been actively checking up on us. Among other things, they have been forcing our landlord to take out a building permit to make the changes at their request. As of now those changes include a handicapped accessible bathroom (totally fine with us) and other changes at will.

We have completed the 501c3 paperwork to submit as a non-profit and will be continuing to forge ahead with plans of becoming a vital part of our community.

Thank you to all of you that have been supportive during this time.

As fun events and gatherings happen at LoveBomb we will keep you informed and will not be shutting down anytime soon!

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