Introducing Sid


I would like to officially welcome Sid Caldwell Deaghlan to LoveBomb. She has already set up her studio, and will add some needed, hard working, fun times to the place.

Sid is a native Richmond artist currently engaged in a series of radical lifestyle experiments, including, but not limited to, making body-centric art out of most anything, living in an apartment that gets great gas mileage, and generally attempting to beat an alternate track through this new wilderness of art, culture, design and new technology. her work is situated between jewelry and clothing, between fine art and handcraft, between high design and the id-driven camp of the outsider. she’s spoken and exhibited internationally, as well as being featured in a number of print publications including PUSH Jewelry: 30 Artists Explore the Boundaries of Jewelry and Metalsmith magazine. visit her online at

River stone, lambskin.  2009susie age coin

narcicuss(watermarked) hand of god(watermarked)





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