Indiegogo and Feast RVA The LoveBomb Indie-go-go campaign for this year has ended. Thank you so much to all the wonderful people that believe in this project.

While there was only 10% of the goal reached, the funds donated will be able to help with the transitions ahead and to finally FIX THE ROOF! With all the thunderstorms and downpours over the last few weeks. It will be a nice change not to have to find buckets. I will be working on following up with perks and thank you’s.

Friday, June 20th, LoveBomb hosted a Happy Hour for Feast RVA. If you are unfamiliar with their work, Feast RVA is Josh Epperson and Johnny Hugel. They host dinners, usually at Black Iris Each event raises money to fund one of the three ideas presented at the dinner. I had the great opportunity to hear some of the ideas from past recipients and was impressed by their innovation and passion.

It was a true pleasure to host the Happy Hour and I hope to work with many of the great people I met that evening. People like Bruno Walsh of CompostRVA whom I hope to persuade into giving a lecture on composting soon.

The ideas are brewing and there are now some very motivated, creative people signed on to move into the space. I am so hopeful that all the changes we have been going through will eventually provide the community with a well needed, safe, creative space for all.




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