We are starting something.


It has been a long time coming. 4 years ago I sat looking out the window of my home, brand new baby asleep in my lap, and I envisioned a way to solve a problem I have had for a long time. How to combine the things that are important to me. My art practice and a creative, selfless, community centric project.  My art practice is a solitary and fairly self centered act. It is my way of making, and I cannot and do not want to change that. My desire to be a part of a community, however, has grown over the years and as I look around me toward a world that is becoming more foreign to me, I require a place that feels hopeful, open, non-judgemental and encouraging for both myself and other newer, younger artists. Performers, musicians, artisans, artists, craftspeople, skilled laborers, I feel that we all get lost in a world where craft and creativity is being used to sell products, but not respected as professions. I want to change that, I want to make a place where people cherish individuality, yet know that they must work together in order to create a space that works for all, that gives back to the community, that provides a judgement free space for exchange of ideas, work, knowledge, craft and yes, I said it, love. I have worked so hard on this with my two amazing partners, Lily Lamberta and Julie Elkins, and want you to come and play.

Meet LoveBomb September 28, 2013 6pm to 10pm

Auction, bands, performance, dunking booth, truck pool, booths (kissing, hugs, punches).

One comment on “We are starting something.

  1. Suzanne Hall says:

    Is there something I can do to help you get ready THIS weekend? I am helping my daughter move next weekend and was very sad when I had to add those dates to my calendar on top of LoveBomb, which I need so badly! I think (know) Lily is making things all the time and I want to help.

    Thanks for the momentum. Very jazzed.

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